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Greetings everyone,
With this quote from Ghost in the Shell: Innocence (a must see in my opinion, watch it!) I welcome you all to my blog.
Here I will post articles about the things I like, mostly programming and IT related I did this, how I solved that...etc, new games I play and like to share my impressions with everyone, new gadgets, movies and so on
Regarding myself, I'm just a Computer Science Engineer with a passion for what he does, gaming, movies, music, and "sliding" sports (snowboarding, longboarding, kitesurfing)
I must give a special thanks to the author the logo used in my blog, a very talented guy iunewind, you can check more of his beautiful art at his site.

NOTE: I've changed the logo to a SVG using InkScape, about time I spent so time in designing one of my own :)

Hope you enjoy your visit and don't forget to leave comments!

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